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No Gluten Ingredients – What Does that Mean?

“No Gluten Ingredients” means just that – there are no ingredients that we know of in this soup that have gluten. We use the “†” symbol to note soups in our weekly newsletter and “Our Soup” glossary without gluten ingredients.

The science of gluten is always changing, and which ingredients contain gluten can vary depending on who you ask, even within the established network of gluten-free experts. We think you’re awesome for taking care of your body, and we’ll do our best to get the best information to you about which soups have gluten. That said, we use gluten in our kitchen on a regular basis. We make an effort to clean surfaces and equipment between soups, but if you have a high-level gluten intolerance or Celiac, SoupCycle isn’t for you.

We have plenty of soups that fit a low-gluten diet and 100% of our vegan soups have no gluten ingredients. If you have a gluten sensitivity, the vegan soup option is the way to go, but we still recommend checking ingredients on the label and online each week to confirm the ingredients will work for you.