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Do you cater?
You ask all the right questions! Yes, we can provide lunch or dinner of soups, salads, bread, and beverages for your office or next event. Orders must be finalized a minimum of one week before your event.
How do I change my order?
There are two ways:

1) You'll get an email each Monday morning announcing next week's menu. Once you review the menu, login into your account and make your selection for the next week.

2) Click "login" at the top right hand corner of our website. Once you're logged in, click "Change Next Week's Order" and let us know what you'd like.

You do not have to select your soup preference each week. When you sign up for SoupCycle you select if you want vegan, veggie meat or the Chef's choice soups each week. This becomes your “default order”- it’s what we’ll bring you each week if you don’t fill out the order update form.
Is it possible to order for just a week before signing up for an account?
Don't worry- you're going to love our soups. It's like a healthy, hearty, tasty treat each week. If for some reason you decide you don’t want to continue you can cancel your account anytime. No guilt, no commitment, no worries.
What if I’m going out of town?
Click the login link in the top right corner of our website, then login and click "Going on Vacation?". Again, please let us know before Friday at 5pm.
Why do I need to order by the Friday before my delivery?
By ordering ahead of time we know the exact amount of soup to cook which means no food (or money) is wasted. You order your soup by Friday and we order our local and organic veggies over the weekend. On Monday we turn tasty veggies into amazing soups. Totally awesome.


Can I order soup if I live in an apartment building?
Yes! If we can get into your apartment building when you’re not there, then we're in business. Just leave a cooler outside your door with some ice packs, or make arrangements with your concierge. If the main door to your apartment building is always locked (and there's no code we can use to get in) then we’ve got trouble.
How do you deliver piping hot soup?
We don’t! We deliver our wonderful soups chilled so they're fresh for you when you’re ready to eat. Just heat our soups on your stove or microwave.
What is a Soup-Tastrophe?
A Soup-Tastrophe is a soup catastrophe. If our soup fridge gets unplugged before we deliver (this happened once) or a cooler of soup gets dropped and breaks, (unfortunately- that happened too), we won’t be able to bring you soup. We’ll call you ASAP if this ever occurs, and of course you won’t be charged for soup you don’t receive.
When do I get my tasty soup?
Good question! When you get your soup depends on where you live:

Northeast & North Portland: Tuesdays 9am-3pm.
Southwest and Northwest Portland: Wednesdays 9am-3pm
Southeast Portland: Thursdays 9am-3pm

Northeast and Northwest: Wednesdays 9am-3pm
Southeast and Southwest: Thursdays 9am-3pm

Office deliveries: we'll get there before 3pm.
Home deliveries: if you leave your house on your delivery day, put a cooler on your front porch with plenty of ice in it. When you get home, dinner will be waiting for you!
Where will my soup be dropped off?
At your home or office- you decide. For home deliveries leave a cooler outside your door if you won't be home on your delivery day. If we deliver to your office and you won’t be there, we'll put your soup in the fridge. So easy!
Would you please give me a more specific delivery time?
We have some wonderful delivery folks pedaling soup all over Portland and Corvallis. Each of them makes about 50 bicycle soup deliveries a day and we adjust our routes often to be as efficient as possible. Add that to changing cycling weather, time to chat with customers during deliveries and en-route bike repairs and you can see why we give you a big window of time when we'll deliver your soup. We do our very best to make every delivery by 3pm.


How do I cancel my account?
When you decide to cancel, click "Contact" and let us know you are ready to end your subscription.
Is there a delivery charge?
There is a $3.50 delivery charge on every delivery. All orders over $50 have free delivery.
Should I tip my delivery SoupCycler?
We don't expect tips when we deliver, but if you feel moved to tip, we won't say no!
When and how often will you charge my card?
We'll charge your card each day that you get a delivery. Depending on your bank, the charge might not show up for a few days. If you take a soupy vacation, you won't get charged. Got it?


Do you have gluten free soups?
Please note that we handle gluten ingredients in our kitchen on a regular basis. We make an effort to clean surfaces and equipment between soups, but if you have a high-level gluten intolerance or Celiac, SoupCycle isn't for you.

If you have a gluten sensitivity, we have plenty of soups for you! About 99% of our soups are gluten free. We make every effort to use gluten alternatives such as rice flour. If you are ever curious what is in a particular soup just check the "Our Soups" page on this website before you order to see each soup's ingredients.

Do you offer nutritional information on your soups?
Absolutely. You can review all of our products under "Soups & Add-ons" to get complete nutritional and dietary information.
I don't eat a lot of meat or dairy. What kind of soup should I order?
Try our vegan soups. They've got a lot of taste without any of the meat or dairy products. Some of our most-requested vegan soups are Pot of For Goodness Sake and Summer's Harvest.
I have food allergies. Do you have special soups for people like me?
Got a food allergy? No problem. We added a special function to our handy website so you can see all our soupy ingredients before you order and just get soups with ingredients that jive with your body.

Once you sign up for SoupCycle, you'll get an email from us each Monday morning announcing next week's soups. Just click on the soups in that email and you'll be taken to our website soup ingredient page. Souper easy, no?

If you have a gluten sensitivity, we have plenty of soups for you! 100% of our vegan soups are gluten free - as are many of our meaty and veggie soups. If you'd like to order soups and never have to check ingredients, vegan soups are the way to go.

Please note that we process gluten in our kitchen on a regular basis. We make an effort to clean surfaces and equipment between soups, but if you have a gluten intolerance or Celiac, SoupCycle isn't for you.
I love hearty soups. Which soups should I order?
Hearty soup folks should give our meaty soups a try. Some of our most popular meaty soups are Chicken Tortilla, Lemongrass Coconut Chicken Curry.
I love smooth and creamy soups. Which soups should I order?
Try our veggie soup options. Dairy is the ingredient that separates veggie soups from vegan soups, so our veggie soups tend to have some kind of dairy in them. Some of our favorite veggie soups on the menu: Creamy Tomato Basil and Barack-a-li Cheddar.
What kind of meats do you use?
We use hormone-free poultry, pork, beef, and seafood. We proudly use 100% organic poultry and are currently working on organic sourcing for pork and beef.
What's the difference between your vegan and veggie soups?
Most of our veggie soups are dairy-based. That's what differentiates them from our vegan and meaty soups. Vegan soups have no meat or dairy ingredients.


Can giftees change their order on their own?
They sure can. Once you place your order, the lucky recipient will receive an email each week letting them know which soups they can order for next week, and they can change their soupy preference to their heart's delight.
How do I pay for a soup gift?
After you submit your order we'll send you a electronic invoice you can easily pay by debit or credit.
How do soup gifts work?
It's easy! You order a gift for one of your dear friends or family members and we will bring them some of our wonderful foods starting the following week. If you'd prefer - the gift recipient can decide when they want the gift to start.
I'm giving soup to someone with food allergies. Is this going to work?
After you place an order for them, they'll get a newsletter every week that tells them which soups they can choose from, and what the ingredients are. If they have an allergy, they'll be able to select soups that they can eat. We have a lot of customers who are gluten free and have other food allergies.

That said, be aware that we cook in a commercial kitchen that uses common allergens including peanuts, gluten, wheat, dairy, etc. We wash and sterilize all our our equipment regularly, but we do not use separate pots, cutting boards and other equipment for allergens. If your gift recipient has severe food allergies, we aren't the right choice.

If the person you're getting a gift for has a gluten sensitivity, we recommend order vegan soups for them. 100% of our vegan soups have no gluten ingredients.
What if I don't know the gift recipient's email address or phone number?
No problem. If you don't know their email address, we'll call them to get it. We need their email address so we can create their account - and so they can get the newsletter and see next week's soupy choices.

If you know their email address but not their phone number, we'll email them and ask them to provide their phone number. We like to have their phone number on hand in case their house is hard to find and we need to give them a call to ask for help.


Can I taste your soups before I start my first order
Absolutely! We host tastings all around town each week. If you would like to have us out contact us via
How do I get in touch with you?
Scroll up and click "Contact" on the top navigation bar on this window. You can message us through the online form. Our e-mail address is and our phone number is 503-897-8464.
How long is my soup fresh for?
Check your soup's label- your soup is good for one week, and our salads are fresh for three days.
What if I don’t like the soup?
If you ever don’t like one of our soups- that’s ok. We don’t expect you’ll love 100% of them- and we won’t take it personally. Email us and we'll reimburse you.
Where do you cook your soups?
We cook all our soups in a commercial kitchen on NE Sandy Boulevard.


If you still have questions, click the Contact Page and drop us a line.